Reef Blueprint


Reef Blueprint by Captiv8 Aquaculture
Integr8 Reef - Feed
Augmented Plankton Blend (Dry) for Suspension Feeders and Planktivores; ≤800μm For Corals, Bivalves, Sponges and Tunicates.
REEF BLUEPRINT packaging - 25g, 50g, and 100g
25g MSRP $14.99, 50g MSRP 18.99, 120g MSRP 29.99 9.010000
Remedi8 - Nutrient Control
Biologically-mediated rapid nutrient reduction; dry blend; preservative-free
Converts Organic Waste Into Cohort Biomass; Reduces Nutrient Content (in particular: DOM, POM, DIN) Dry formula
REEF BLUEPRINT Packaging: 25g, 75g, 150g
Isol8: V Vanadium solution - 60ml
Vanadium sol'n; 1,000 ppm. Increases vanadium in recirculating seawater systems. Required by photoautotrophs (including zooxanthellae) for photosynthesis; supplementation in V-deficient systems generally increases primary productivity dramatically. . | REEF BLUEPRINT