Since 2007, ACI Aquaculture is focused on providing a sustainable alternative to wild collection.

Our History

ACI Aquaculture, Inc. is a family owned business located in Plant City, Florida. Established 2007.

Our passion has always been centered around the beauty of our oceans. Providing a sustainable and quality alternative to wild collection are at the roots of our business model. We are humbled to be a industry leader supplying 100% captive raised corals to our business partners here in the states and around the globe.

Coral aquaculture advancements in our industry would not be at the levels they are today without wild imports. ACI Aquaculture works closely with each of our collectors to ensure the best collection, holding, and shipping methods are used for the safe and healthy arrival of our animals. By doing so, we have established a clear line of communication from collection to arrival at our facility.

As importers, the supply chain in our industry is vital for long term sustainability of both the animals and the aquarium trade. We do not transship any of our animals directly to customers. We encourage all of our clients to use reputable livestock suppliers in the industry that not only understand the husbandry and acclimation needs of each animal upon arrival, but also make it their #1 priority.

We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain the health and quality of the animals in our care. We use and distribute only the highest quality products on the market to ensure long term health and successful propagation.

Meet the Owners:

Chris Meckley is a passionate aquarist with extensive knowledge of coral reef aquarium habitats. He specializes and consults on commercial set-ups, long-term coral husbandry in captivity, as well as coral propagation and techniques. He has worked professionally in the aquarium industry for 28 years.

Chris started his aquarium keeping journey at the age of seven with freshwater tanks and eventually sold his captive bred African cichlids to his local fish store. Prior to engaging professionally in the saltwater aquarium industry, he worked for one of the largest freshwater fish farms in Florida where he set-up a new holding facility and managed the stocking, sales, and shipping for their local client base. Since 2007, he has owned and operated ACI Aquaculture, a state-certified wholesale aquaculture facility in Plant City, Florida with his wife, Amanda Meckley. They both have over 25 years experience in reef keeping. Their wholesale facility is equipped with nine large holding systems equivalent to approx. 20,000 gallons. Five systems are dedicated to wild coral and mariculture coral imports. The remaining four systems are strictly dedicated to coral cultivation and house a large variety of SPS, LPS and soft coral species. ACI Aquaculture partners exclusively with public aquariums, wholesale distributors and stores across the country where their focus is providing healthy quality livestock to their customers. 

Chris Meckley has collaborated with various industry professionals over the years. He has made numerous educational videos and has been a guest speaker on many live streams, podcasts, and local reef-clubs across the country. In addition, he has hosted educational tours at his facility for government officials, as well as, interns from the University of Florida Veterinarian Tropical Aquaculture Lab. 


Why Choose ACI

Quality Livestock

Our team at ACI Aquaculture is focused on long-term health and quality of the animals in our care. The best-practices implemented in our facility will be clearly evident when our customers receive shipments.    

The Best farmed coral Selection

ACI Aquaculture has the largest selection of 100% lineage farmed corals in the industry. Currently ACI Aquaculture is farming over 35 different genius and multiple species and additional color morphs of each. 

Knowedge of the Industry

At ACI Aquaculture, our success stems from our continued relationships with industry leaders. The relentless efforts to improve best practices from all aspects of our industry.