Aquaculture at ACI's Coral Farm

Since 2007, ACI has offered a huge variety of in-house cultured corals and coral frags to our wholesale customers. 

What' s the difference between aquacultured corals and coral frags at ACI? 

Aquacultured corals at ACI are originally grown from a wild coral colony or fragment.  However, what is sold or marketed is grown 100% in captivity. For example, ACI's Rainbow Montipora begin from a coral fragment received in the summer of 2014. All the aquacultured frags that are sold today originate from that original fragment. 

ACI has a great selection of truly aquacultured corals available. 

Pictured below is a small sample of our aquacultured corals. 

A coral frag is a fragment of a wild coral colony. These fragments are not held long-term. At ACI, we heal the cut fragments of coral in our facility for a minimum of two weeks (depending on the species) before releasing for sale to our wholesale customers. This ensures that the fragmented coral is healthy and encrusting prior to shipping. There are some exceptions to this rule depending on species of corals. For example, zoanthid fragments that remain on a portion of the original wild rock, generally don't need long healing time prior to shipping. 

ACI has a vast selection of coral frags available.