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ACI's "fascination" Favia Sp

100% lineage farmed coral

Frags available this week! 

ACI's "skittles" Favia sp

100% lineage farmed coral

Frags available this week!

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Commitment to Service

Homophyllia bowerbanki

ACI Aquaculture strives to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We are committed to being available! Community and Education are the biggest part of our success as value-added partners. 

Commitment to Quality

Purple Purple Tang

 ACI uses only the highest quality supplements on the market in our systems to ensure the continued health of all live stock. We fully acclimate and medicate each shipment upon arrival to ensure sustained health in captivity. In addition, we take all necessary steps to ensure safe and live arrival to our customers. Live Arrival Guarantee! 

Commitment to Sustainability


We all have a responsibility to adhere to the highest standards when caring for these beautiful animals. ACI is committed to working with exporters that have the same passion, respect, and vision of long-term sustainability.