About Us

Since 2007, ACI Aquaculture has been working diligently to find the best exporters in the industry. We work closely with each of our suppliers to ensure the best collection, holding, and shipping methods are used for the safe and healthy arrival of our animals. By doing so, we have established a clear line of communication from collection to arrival at our facility. 

As importers, the supply chain in our industry is vital for long term sustainability of both the animals and the aquarium hobby. We do not transship any of our animals directly to customers. We encourage all of our customers to use reputable livestock wholesalers in the industry that understand the husbandry and acclimation needs of each of the animals. 

Our Plant City, Fl facility currently has over 15,000+ gallons of marine holding systems.  Upon arrival, we acclimate and medicate all fish, corals, and inverts accordingly to ensure the health of the animals prior to shipping to our retail customers. We offer a live arrival guarantee on all of our animals. 

We import from several regions including but not limited to Australia, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka, Philippines, Caribbean, Vietnam, Red Sea, Hawaii and Africa. 

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