Integr8 Formula y - 50g

Integr8 Formula y - 50g

Augmented Plankton Blend Formula y (Dry) 50g pouch

Integr8 Σ fγ (“Sigma, formula Gamma”) is a dry blend, which consists of: marine zooplankton (Arthropoda) and phytoplankton featuring rich fatty acid, amino acid, and biopigment profiles; specific immunostimulants; protein biosynthesis stimulants; and biological pigment precursors. Consistent use yields improved cohort robustness, feeding response, rate of tissue synthesis, and richness of color.

Preservative-free. This formulation does not incorporate: preservatives; pH-modifying components; food colors (artificial or otherwise); animal byproducts; brewer’s yeast or the like; grains and/or other terrestrial crop components; Artemia cysts; or oils.  Low phosphate content per unit mass relative to standard commercial formulations.


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